Private Dog Obedience Training Programs in Pooler, GA

Esther C. + Obi and Leia (Yorkshire Terriers)

"Erika is the best! She is really passionate about the pets she trains. My babies love her, she really knows what she's doing, and she is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. Thank you Erika for everything you have done for my family!"

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Have you been working on obedience training for awhile but you still don’t see much improvement in your dogs behavior?

Is your pooch still barking, jumping, digging, and pulling you down the block?

Does your dog have trouble following cues?

Do you always have to crate your dog, put him away in another room, or restrict/restrain him with a leash to keep him from jumping, nipping, and barking, when company comes over or when the family comes home or leaves the house? 

Would you like to be able to STOP restricting, restraining, and stressing out trying to get your dogs attention? 

Private & Professional Dog Training in Pooler, GA

Wild Things Dog Training offers private dog obedience training programs in Pooler, Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Guyton, and the surrounding areas. 

The best way to train a dog that is having trouble is to stay calm, problem solve, and call a trainer for help when you need it.

For Obedience Training Programs

Information call us or...

click MENU, and then click "Obedience Training."

What Should I do IF...

What should I do IF my dog stops following direction or if he starts having a training related problem?

(1) Try going back to the last point in his training when he was successful. Ie, if you moved foreward to the next step or level and he isnt doing well, go back to the last step and keeping working on it.

(2) CALL the trainer. If need be, leave a message. You WILL get a call back.

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