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Capture & Shape Good Behavior

Happy, healthy, energetic, active... dogs tend to do many things that humans find inappropriate and unacceptable.

But, dogs also naturally do many healthy, acceptable things too, that we can easily reinforce, so that good behaviors increase, and inappropriate behaviors decrease.

What if... instead of barking and jumping... your dog approached you, quietly slid into a down, and layed there smiling at you... without you having to shout “no scruffy, down!!” As you brace for impact?

It probably sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? 

BUT... it isn’t a fantasy... it is completely possible!!

 The dog in the picture to the left, is a real life client. He was an excessive jumper. He jumped when he was happy, he jumped when he was frustrated, he jumped when he was inside, and when he was outside. He jumped on adults, he jumped on children, he jumped on family, and he jumped on strangers.

Until.... we stopped focusing on the inappropriate behaviors... and started focusing on capturing his good behavior and rewarding it. 

It took time and commitment, but the more we captured his good behaviors and rewarded those behaviors... the less he jumped. 

Bonus: He also started looking to humans for direction, and following obedience cues more consistently. 

What can this program help me with?

Our capture and shape it behavior program is meant to help with:



- barking

- door dashers

- mild to moderate leash reactivity, pulling

- frustrated greeters

- mild to moderate anxiety

- overexited/ overstimulated dogs, hyper arousal

- low to moderate confinement distress, when crated, or gated into areas of the home

- etc...

The WTDT “Capture & Shape It” Behavior Program

If you are concerned about your dogs behavior, and you took obedience class but your dog isn’t making much progress, or if you were turned away from obedience class because of your dogs behavior... then this program is for you. 

If we are focusing on obedience training to get better behavior, and it’s not working, then maybe we should try something else, right?

This program includes 36 training sessions, over the course of 12 weeks. Our trainer will travel to your home 3 times a week for training, and each training session is approximately 50 minutes long. 

The Capture and Shape It Behavior Program is built to focus on encouraging healthy behavior. While it is necessary for some obedience training to take place, and we will be providing exercise and enrichment, the main focus will be capturing, shaping, and reinforcing good behavior consistently.

This Program would be great for puppies 12 weeks and up, for adolescent and adult dogs who need us to teach & reinforce good behavior as they get older, for shelter and rescue dogs who were recently adopted, and homes with multiple dogs. 

The total cost of this program is $849.00 but you can also opt for a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan.

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