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Wild Things Dog Training

Does it seem like you constantly have to chase your dog around shouting out cues...

That your dog doesn’t consistently respond to?

Does your dog hesitate when you give him cues, run away to hide or to play when you give cues, or react with frustration or panic when you give cues? 

Does your dog (seem to) refuse or ignore you when you asky him to lay down, come, or stay? 

Would you like your dog to choose to follow cues willingly... and consistently?

It IS POSSIBLE... and it can be FUN!!

WTD Obedience Training Programs

Our programs are day school programs with weekly instructional sessions, and full communication and support throughout the training process.

WTDs Dog Training programs are a great option for dog owners who work long hours during the week, and want help and support on a daily basis to ensure that training is consistent and successful.

If you were considering a board and train program but didnt want your dog to be away from home for 3 weeks, or if you have a high energy dog who didnt do well in group classes... then WTDs Train with Me Daily Programs may be "just what the doctor ordered."

Our WTD "Train With Me Daily" Starter Program  (20 days) 

This Starter program offers 20 days of exercise and training, and full support for housebreaking and basic obedience. The trainer will travel to your home 5 days a week to walk and train with your dog. Each training session lasts approximately 50 minutes. At the beginning of each week the trainer will meet for a private session with the owner to get them started on the obedience commands for each week, and to provide advice and support tor other training and behavior concerns. If you are looking to start training off right and then continue training on your own... this program is for you.

This is 4 full weeks of dog training and walking services, (Monday thru Saturday, with Wednesdays off).

The 20 day program starts all the groundwork for basic obedience training (sit, look, down, come, leave it, stay, etc), daily exercise, help with common behaviors (such as nipping, leash pulling, barking, jumping, digging, etc). It also includes advice and support for potty training and crate training. 

- $499.00 (we offer bi-weekly payment plans)


The WTD "Train With Me Daily" 40 Day Program - 

Our 40 day program includes 8 weeks of dog training and walking services. Our Dog Trainer will walk and train with your dog. Each training session lasts approximately 50 minutes. 

You and your dog will get 5 training sessions per week, (on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, fridays, and saturdays).

During this program we will start by laying a healthy foundation for training and continue to build on that foundation over the course of 40 days. We will start with daily walks, basic obedience, support and advice for housebreaking, and healthy manners and behavior. As your puppy or dog progresses and shows us healthier behaviors and consistent obedience we will move him forward in his training... step by step. 

We will meet with the dog owner each week to instruct them on the upcoming weeks obedience commands, update them on their dogs progress, and address any concerns that the dog owner may have about training and behavior. 

We will help you to build and start a housebreaking / potty training plan that is conducive to your home and schedule, work on obedience (both indoors and outdoors), help you to meet daily exercise needs, and work with you stop unhealthy behaviors. 

In many cases if the dog owner teams up with the trainer and works with their dog on obedience commands for 6 minutes each day, and follows the housebreaking plan, we could potentially teach your dog basic obedience, and intermediate obedience in 40 days, as well as putting a stop to jumping, nipping, digging, etc... and making  progress with potty training. This will depend on the age of the puppy or dog, current habits and behaviors, and the level of communication and teamwork between the dog owner and the trainer. 

With daily training we can teach your dog to consistently offer healthier behaviors, because they will be consistently making positive associations, and earning rewards for offering healthy behaviors.

- $899.00 (we offer bi-weekly payment plans)

Would you like to get started today on the path to a happier, healthier life with your dog?

Do you need help with a...

high energy, easily distracted, or fearful dog who either didnt do well in group class or was not accepted into group training class?

Please give us a call.

What should I do IF...

What should I do IF my dog stops following direction or if he starts having a training related problem?

(1) Try going back to the last point in his training when he was successful. Ie, if you moved foreward to the next step or level and he isnt doing well, go back to the last step and keeping working on it.

(2) CALL the trainer. If need be, leave a message. You WILL get a call back.