Susan & Annie

June 2018

If you've gotten this far in your search for an outstanding dog trainer, then you needn't look any further. Erika is AMAZING!
When Annie, my four month old labradoodle, and I met Erika we were in a bad place. I was ready to concede Annie was too much dog for me and surrender her to a rescue. From our very first meeting with Erika, I knew this didn't need to happen.
Erika is gentle but firm, soft spoken, and a good listener. She was intensely mindful of my life-style, respectful of my needs, and able to tune into both Annie's and my dispositions. In 20 hours of training Erika
infused me and my puppy with joyful confidence. Annie is now responding positively to at least a dozen commands, loves to play fetch, and walks calmly on a
loose leash. Most importantly of all, my dog now trusts and likes me!
The frustration, the yelling, and the tears are now a thing of the past.
For this I am most grateful to Erika.
Erika knows dogs, speaks their language, and can guide you gracefully in your efforts to teach your dog English!

 I am happy to talk with anyone who needs a live reference, just contact
Erika for my number.
Susan C.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

 Christine W. & Kasey - I had the pleasure of working with Erika when training my Miniature Australian Shepherd, Kasey. We started with Erika when Kasey was just 10 weeks old and because we were so pleased with how knowledgeable and helpful Erika was we decided to continue our training with Erika until Kasey was seven months old. During that time Erika taught Kasey basic commands and then built upon those commands to be able to extend the time and duration of which Kasey would obey. Erika took the time to communicate with me and to help me work through any problem puppy issues Kasey had as we progressed through the training. Erika is an incredibly perceptive, personable individual and I would highly recommend her as a dog trainer to any of my family and friends.

Elena V. & Pepper - Erika was my trainer for our puppy, who is a mix with Border Collie. He was a very rambunctious, playful, and did not listen at all. Erika took the time to give us extra attention and helped get the basics done very well. Then we had a little hick up & our pup got scared. At this Erika took us aside and added an extra training session just for us, so that puppy would get comfortable again. That was not expected, but very much appreciated. A great trainer & a lover of animals.

Kelly B. & Mia  - Without hesitation, I recommend Erika as a pet trainer! I have known Erika for almost two years now. She has proven trustworthy, dependable, patient, and just an all around good person. She trained my Pug, “Mia” at 5 weeks old, until about one year old. Mia is my world so you can imagine a quality trainer was a must. My husband and I really enjoyed her training sessions and we learned A LOT. We are very happy with the results of her training- particularly, the obedience guidance she gave which has stuck with her to date!  

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to boost someone so deserving that played such a huge part in shaping our lil’ Fur baby into the structured, entertaining, (yet still sassy), cutie-pie that she is. We intend to hire her again for our future pets.

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